How to order or what we need to know

  1. The number of cornices (at this size).
  2. Style: provide style number from price list page or provide template/drawing for your custom design.
  3. Face width and length, always provide the width first and length second (!) Also remember to specify all the different widths and lengths when ordering cornices with varying design.
  4. Returns: choose from 1¾", 3¼", 5¼" and 7¼" Remember to add the depth of the return to the face width to calculate per foot price when returns are greater than 6".
  5. Type of installation (inside or outside mount). Note: unless otherwise specified, IM cornices will be fabricated ½" narrower than specified and will not have returns. OM cornices will be fabricated exact size ordered on the outside face and with a return to the wall.
  6. COM information: fabric direction, name, color, width, repeat and face side. Specify what part of the print should be visible with large print fabrics.
  7. Details: will this cornice have fringe, banding, buttons, etc? What size is the detail and where is it to be placed?
  8. Drawings: we recommend all orders be accompanied by pictures or detailed drawings of your envisioned final design, or style # from price list page.