How To Order or What We Need to Know

  1. The NUMBER of pairs/panels (at this size).
  2. Pleat or Header Style.
  3. Fullness. Standard lined draperies are 2.5x full and unlined sheers are 3x full.
  4. Whether pair or panel. If panels, specify if left or right stack.
  5. Rod width.
  6. Finished length.
  7. Size of return (we will use 4" unless otherwise specified).
  8. Size of overlap (we will use 4" unless otherwise specified).
  9. Hook setting. Distance from top of hook to top of drapery. Standard settings are:
    • Decorative rod: ½"
    • Standard rod/over drape: 1⅝"
    • Sheer under drape: 1⅜"
  10. Fabric direction, name, color, width, repeat and face side.
  11. Lining.
    • Lined / unlined / interlined / face-lined.
    • Type – standard / blackout / etc.
    • Our lining or yours? Name and color
  12. Other options: hand-sewn, fringe, cording, borders, ruffling, banding, cutouts, rings and placement of such, etc. Please provide a good description, all measurements where appropriate and drawings.