How To Order or What We Need to Know

  1. The number of shades (at this size).
  2. Style: Roman, Relaxed Roman, Parafold, Austrian, Balloon, etc.
  3. Width and Length. Always provide the width first and length second!
  4. Type of installation (inside or outside mount). Note: unless otherwise specified, IM shades will be fabricated ½” narrower at the header board and ¼” narrower at the fabric, OM shades will be fabricated exact size.
  5. Requested control type. Will this shade be operated by a standard pull cord (cord cleat provided), with cord lock option, or by continuous loop with clutch (recommended for larger shades and heavy weight fabrics)
  6. Control position. Left or right control?
  7. Lining: whether lined, unlined, black-out lined, etc. Type and color.
  8. Com information: fabric direction, name, color, width, repeat and face side.
  9. Details: will this shade have fringe or banding: location, size, com, etc... ?