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I agree that I must obtain a cancellation confirmation for order cancellations.

Orders may not be cancelled after work is in progress or after special orders with outside vendors have been placed.

Customer's Own Material or Fabric (COM/COF)

I agree that Paramount Fabrics, Inc. is not responsible for imperfections in COM/F. I will inspect goods before shipping.

I understand that all orders must be sent with a swatch of fabric attached for identifying purposes. I will also, specify the name, color, pattern repeat, width and source of the fabric on my written order.

Specify top side of fabric and pattern direction. (If the “up, down, front, back” of the fabric pattern is not specified, it will be up to the workroom’s discretion.)

I understand that quoted yardage estimates are only estimates and that there are many variables that are only seen when the workroom has possession of the actual fabric and finalized order. I agree that Paramount Fabrics, Inc. will not be held responsible for fabric shortages or overages under any circumstances.


I understand the Paramount Fabrics, Inc. guarantee that states… “Our custom made window treatments are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and our own materials for a period of three months after date of completion. Except as stated above, we makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, concerning the fitness of its products or fabrics you have chosen for any given treatment or purpose.

* We will not reimburse for labor not performed by our company and under no circumstances shall our liability extend to interest or insurance. Reimbursement of shipping, reinstallation and/or trip charges regarding errors made on our part may never be automatically deducted from any payment due Paramount Fabrics, Inc. without management approval.


I understand that:

  1. Shipping to a residential address incurs an additional UPS fee,
  2. UPS will not ship anything over 108” in Length or 130” in length and girth. Girth is the measurement around the box. If either dimension is exceeded, the order must ship by OTR truck. Oversize charges begin at 84” in length and girth or over 72” wide.

Turn-around/delivery time

I understand that turn-around time will not begin until Paramount Fabrics, Inc has received both the fabric and the finalized order with complete instruction and no questions remaining.

Standard turn-round time on any product type is four weeks with longer workroom time to be expected during holiday months and at times of heavy work load. * Changed orders will not be guaranteed originally estimated completion date.

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