Cornice Boards

Standard Specifications

  1. Cornices are fully lined with drapery lining at no additional cost unless previously quoted with COM/F.
  2. Outside board face and returns are padded with polyester fill.
  3. Face fabric is wrapped around to the inside.
  4. Plain fabrics are railroaded; print fabrics are pattern matched at seams.
  5. Cornices are corded with a ¼" welt cord on the top and bottom edge. Other locations and welt cord size must be quoted by the workroom.
  6. Mounting hardware is not included unless ordered at an additional cost.
  7. Return options are: 1¾", 3¼", 5¼” and 7¼" unless otherwise specified and approved by workroom in advance. Return sizes larger than 6" are calculated into the width size for pricing purposes.
  8. A full size template must be furnished for specialty designs.