Custom Drapery

Standard Specifications

Your order will be made to these specifications unless you specify otherwise:

  1. Pleated draperies will have a three-fold pinch pleat*
  2. All draperies of different lengths that are made out of a patterned fabric will be pattern-matched at the top.
  3. Headings are four-inch, single turn, with heavyweight 4" crinoline on standard lined draperies and 4", double turn, with heavyweight 4" crinoline on sheers or when unlined.
  4. Bottom hems are four-inch, doubled, and either blind-stitched or lock-stitched, depending on the fabric. If fabric is too bulky, we will put in a four inch single hem.
  5. Lining will be folded with the primary fabric at the headings, leaving the primary fabric exposed on the back of the heading. We can face the lining to the top of the drapery upon request.
  6. Side hems are 1.5", doubled, and either blind-stitched or lock-stitched depending on the fabric.
  7. All side hems of lined draperies will have the lining placed under the side and blind-stitched.
  8. Widths are serged with a safety and overlocking stitch.
  9. Lead weights are inserted in corners and at seams at no additional charge.
  10. Standard lining will have a 1.5" double hem.
  11. Interlining will be serged. It will be free-hanging ½" shorter than the lining.
  12. Delicate fabrics and velvets may require hand-sewn hems. The workroom will make this decision after receiving the fabric and bill accordingly.
  13. Pleat spacing varies according to the width of material and specified finished width. For example: 3 widths of material pleated to 59" to the pair will not have the same pleat spacing as 3 widths of material pleated to 72” to the pair. If pleats and pleat spacing are to look alike on draperies of different finished widths, please specify "comparable fullness" on your order.
  14. Width calculation: a width is a cut of fabric, regardless of how wide it is. If a panel (or one side of a pair) has a half-width, it will be priced as one width.

* We also offer: cartridge pleats, two fold pleats tacking at the top of the pleat, box pleats, etc. See photo in the Design Possibilities