Fabric Shades

Standard Specifications

  1. All shades will be mounted on a 1½" x ¾" fabric covered board.
  2. Mounting hardware is not included unless ordered with shade at an additional cost.
  3. Inside mount shades are fabricated with a ½" deduction taken from the board and a ¼" deduction taken from the fabric.
  4. Outside mount shades are fabricated exact ordered size. We recommend adding at least 2" above and at each side of the window for outside mount shades. Also 4” below the window if there is no sill.
  5. Lined shades will be lined with our white cotton/poly blend standard lining (Parasheen) at no additional cost unless otherwise specified and quoted. Any other lining requested is subject to an additional charge. Please read price list carefully.
  6. Multiple shades having different height measurements will be fabricated so that the print design starts at the same point at the top of each shade unless otherwise specified.
  7. Austrian shades will be unlined unless otherwise specified and quoted.
  8. Austrian shades are not recommended as inside mount as they tend to “hour-glass" in on the sides.