Fabric Characteristics and workroom terms in association

Pattern Repeat

Pattern repeat, as listed in your vendor's fabric catalog and/or on their samples, is approximate only and can vary slightly from one printing to the next. It may also print unevenly through-out the bolt of material.

  • We cannot guarantee precise repeat matching.
  • In all treatments, workroom will pattern match, as close as possible, from the top of the treatment. This includes draperies and shades of different lengths.


It is natural for some fabrics (i.e. Hammered satins, satin stripes) to have a puckered or slightly wrinkled appearance. This is a characteristic of today’s more relaxed, casual fabric constructions and your customer should be informed of these characteristics when choosing fabric for their custom-made treatments.


Sheers will intensify in color when made into drapery. Fold a sheer three times for a truer representation of color. Darker sheers have more of a tendency to fade or disintegrate than lighter sheers,

Synthetic fibers

Despite the impressive strides in the advancement of the technology of weaving synthetic fibers, performance will vary with the construction of the fabric and its application. Whole or partial synthetic constructions have a tendency to react adversely more readily to atmospheric conditions than natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are sensitive to heat, sunlight and steam. Shrinking, hiking seams, puckering and flaring are common characteristics and must be accepted as such.


All fabrics are ironed and/or steamed during the workroom process so that the finished product is as "wrinkle-free" as possible. Some fabrics, such as linen, silk and cotton blend fabrics, are prone to wrinkle and to retain wrinkles. Draperies are fan folded and carefully packaged; however, due to extended staging in our workroom, transit, and handling some creases and wrinkles will exist. All fabric treatments should be hung as soon as possible. Most wrinkles should "hang out" with a little time and your professional installer should be prepared to address wrinkling on the install. *Paramount fabrics, Inc. Will not be held responsible for wrinkled treatments under any circumstances.